Die Advokaten, Rechtsanwälte in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg

Attorneys in Vorarlberg (Feldkirch, Sulz, Montafon)

Advokaten (Advocates)
Lawyers in Feldkirch and Sulz

This reference to attorneys, which is written almost identically in most European countries, has its roots in the Latin word “advocatus”. Loosely translated, this means “the summoned one”. In the most fundamental sense of the word, we assist you when we are summoned.

We can be found in our main office in Feldkirch and in our branch office in Sulz, but we are also happy to come to you. We also offer our services in English and Italian.

The III pillars stand for

  • Counsel in economic, familial and proprietary matters,
  • Representation in proceedings before all authorities and courts, and
  • Assistance in planning and implementing significant legal decisions in your professional and personal life.
Dr. Andrea Höfle-Stenech Dr. Otmar Pfeifer Dr. Martin Fiel Dr. Gerhard Scheidbach Dr. Günther Keckeis