Die Advokaten, Rechtsanwälte in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg

Short Profile

Short Profile

A short profile
Practice for more than 30 years

Our practice have been open for 30 years. Because of our education and experience, we are generalists. This allows us to be flexible, to react swiftly, and to find a competent partner for every legal problem and situation.

We attach great importance to comprehensive information uptake together with an objec-tive explanation of the possibilities and risks. Even if under pressure, as is often the case, we make sure we take the time to do this. We know how conflict can be avoided, but we also do not hesitate to act in your interest with force in the case of a dispute. Practicality, meaning and economy are our greatest concerns.

When necessary, we cooperate with external specialists such as tax accountants, audi-tors, and appraisers. We also represent in the Principality of Liechtenstein and work to-gether with foreign practices.